Mustangs Corner: Volleyball Hosts AMBUCS Special Athletic Program Tournament

by Amanda Rogers, Sports Information Director

The Montgomery County Community College Mustangs volleyball team hosted the Conshohocken AMBUCS Special Athletic Program (A.S.A.P.) volleyball tournament on Friday, Sept. 20, 2013.

The event featured match-ups between the Mustangs squad and the athletes from the Conshohocken AMBUCS in four fun and competitive games.

Each team’s starting line up was announced to kick off the event, with athletes shaking hands and lining up on the endlines. The first AMBUCS squad, nicknamed the Warriors, was represented by athletes Michael Pagani, Larry Morrione, Nick Stuempfig, and David Voron. The second AMBUCS squad, the Eagles, included Jason Dalecki, Richard Hall, Alex Lesse, Edward Kettell, and Michael Santangelo. The third team, the Hawks, was represented by Ryan Brett, Wendy Hawk, Connie Howarth, and Stephen Fields. All three AMBUCS teams were coached by Tom Schoenfelder, Fran Brett, Norma Hawk, Steve Lesse, and Steve Wimmeli.

The evening started with out with two very close back and forth games, featuring the Eagles and the Warriors competing against the Mustangs. The Mustangs walked away from both matches with narrow victories of 25-17 and 22-19. The Eagles and Warriors showcased athletes who had some very big kills at key points in each game swinging the momentum in their favor. The solid play made it tough for the Mustangs to pull out the wins.

The third match-up of the evening was the closest of all three Eagles/Warriors games and ended in a 25-22 victory for the Eagles and Warriors. The AMBUCS squad served the ball with a lot of heat and placed key kills on the court in deep corners. The Mustangs kept up pace until the very end, when the Eagles and Warriors were able to clinch the win.

The evening wrapped up with a mix-up game featuring the Mustangs playing alongside the AMBUCS Hawks roster. The Hawks and Mustangs worked together side-by-side for a fun game that showcased some spectacular athleticism all around.

“I think all the athletes participating enjoyed the competition as much as the next,” commented Mustangs Head Coach Misti Volpe. “The big kills were celebrated by both programs alike, as sounds of cheering filled the gymnasium.”

“Our girls are already talking about attending the regional A.S.A.P. competition to cheer for the athletes in attendance,” continued Coach Volpe. “This has thus far been one of our favorite match-ups of the season.”

Special thanks to the athletic staff who volunteered setup time to run the event and also to Dave Lockwood who volunteered time to officiate over the event.

Photo courtesy of Mustangs Athletics

Photo courtesy of Mustangs Athletics

Click here to see more event photos!

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