Health & Wellness Corner: Spring ‘Lunch & Learn’ Recap

by Grace Spena, Director of Health & Wellness Initiatives

During Spring 2013, several Employee Lunch & Learn sessions were hosted by Health & Wellness in collaboration with several local healthcare providers.

A very interesting and informative presentation on “No Excuses…Mammograms Matter!” was presented by Margaret Colarossi, Marketing Representative from the Jefferson Outpatient Imaging Center located at 202 and Germantown Pike. The presentation highlighted the latest advances in digital mammography with increased accuracy and more reliable results.  It was noted that breast cancer is the second most common form of cancer in women and that mammpography is the only screening method consistently proven to reduce breast cancer deaths. For more information about this and other imaging services available at the Jefferson Outpatient Imaging Center, please call 610-277-3202.

A three-part health series, focusing on the topics of “Move Better, Eat Better and Think Better,”  was presented by Dr. Michael Brady, owner of Bucks County Wellness Centre. Participants also learned about the Center’s “8 Weeks to Wellness” – a comprehensive wellness program aimed at optimizing what you think about, how you eat and supplment, and how you exercise and care for your body through a specific 8-week program. The program focuses on health not sickness and encompasses many of the fundamental wellness therapies including: total health & fitness assessment, complete blood workup, body composition analysis, wellness education, weekly body massage, personalized diet program, wellness education, personal training sessions and meditation instruction. For more information call 214-345-1445 or go to website at

Susan Silberstein, PhD, Founder and Director of the  Center for Advancement in Cancer Education, spoke about the “Four Nutrition Secrets that Could Help Save Your Life.” Dr. Silberstein highlighted the four key principles of healthy eating for optimal weight and energy and for protection against killer diseases like cancer, heart disease and stroke. A video of her presentation is available by logging in to the College’s portal.

Very powerful presentations on the topic of “Anxiety, Depression & Stress – Doing More for Yourself than Just Surviving” were given by Francesca Pileggi, from Minding Your Mind Foundation. Ms. Pileggi talked of her own personal struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide, the loss of very close cousin to suicide, her family’s response, and what she had done to deal with her situation and how she has use it to grow, learn and help others. For more information about the Minding Your Mind Foundation visit

During the presentations on “Diet and Diabetes – Recipes for Success!” by Sheryl Wolff, Food for Life Certified Instructor, employees were treated to samples of a freshly prepared fruit and kale smoothie mix and servings of a warm bean/corn/salsa mix.  Ms. Wolff noted that she was trained by the Physicians Committee for Resonsible Medicine in Washington, D.C. to educate the public on how a plant based diet can prevent cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic diseases. She commented that the goal of the “Food for Life: Diabetes Initiative” program is to empower people who have diabetes and those concerned about developing diabetes, along with their friends and family members with new information and skills. For more information visit

“Ergonomics in the Workplace and in the Home – So Many Gadgets, So Many Aches!” was presented at the Blue Bell Campus by Dr. Mark Legnola from Community Chiropractic Center of Blue Bell and Grace Spena, Director of Health & Wellness Initiatives at Pottstown Campus. Both presenters described what ergonomics is all about and why it is important to understand the types of repetitive stress injuries that could occur from use of so many electronic devices and the preventive actions users can take to maximize productivity by minimizing operator fatigue and discomfort. For more information, Dr. Legnola’s powerpoint is available by logging in to the faculty and staff portal.

Over 200 employees and 37 students, representing both campuses and all areas of the College, took advantage of attending these free sessions. More lunch and learn sessions are being planned for 2013-14. Employees are encouraged to periodically check the Faculty/Staff Portal for future announcements.

For more information, contact Grace Spena at

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