The Latest From the Library…

by Mary Lou Neighbor, AV Librarian/Assistant Professor

Oscar Winners Now in the AV Library Collection!

Now that the spring semester is over, please plan some leisure time to come and check out the films that were recognized at the 2013 Academy Awards as being among the best in cinema for the past year.  Nominated and Oscar-winning films are:

BLOG AV3Anna Karenina – innovative re-telling of the Tolstoy classic. – (DRA ANN)

Argo – based on the real life rescue of American embassy workers during the Iran Hostage crisis – won the Academy Award for Best Picture. –  (DRA ARG)

Beasts of the Southern Wild – dreamlike film in which 6-year-old, Hushpuppy, attempts to help her father in an isolated bayou community. –  (DRA BEA)

Brave – animated film about brave Scottish Princess Merida. Won the Academy Award for best animated film.  (CHI BRA)

BLOG AV55 Broken Cameras – a deeply personal, first-hand documentary about non-violent resistance in Bil’in, a West Bank village threatened by encroaching Israeli settlements.   (DS119.76 .F58)

Flight   – Denzel Washington plays a masterful airline pilot who lands a damaged plane while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. (DRA FLI)

Frankenweenie  – A Tim Burton animated film in which young Victor conducts a science experiment that will bring his dog, Sparky, back to life. (NC1765 .F73)

BLOG AV1Hitchcock – Biopic about Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins) and his wife, Alma (Helen Mirren), set during the filming of Psycho.  (DRA HIT)

The Hobbit – The prequel to Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. (DRA HAB)

How to Survive a Plague – The story of the brave young men and women who successfully reversed the tide of an epidemic, demanded the attention of a fearful nation, and stopped AIDS from becoming a death sentence. (RA643.8 .H697)

Life of Pi – Motion picture based on the popular book filmed with extraordinary special effects. (DRA LIF)

BLOG AV2Lincoln – Daniel Day-Lewis won the Academy Award for Best Actor in his portrayal of Lincoln.  (DRA LIN)

The Master – In post-World War II America, a naval veteran arrives home unsettled and uncertain of his future, until he is tantalized by a cult known as The Cause and its charismatic leader, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman . (DRA MAS)

Les Miserables – filmed version of the classic musical.  Actress, Anne Hathaway, won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. (MUS MIS)

ParaNorman – An animated feature in which Norman, a misunderstood boy, must use his special powers to save his town from a centuries-old curse.  (CHI PAR)

BLOG AV4The Pirates:  Band of Misfits! – After years of humiliation and failed attempts to win the Pirate of the Year Award, Pirate Captain and his oddball crew go on a race to pillage the most booty in this animated feature film.  (CHI PIR)

A Royal Affair – This Danish language film was nominated for Best Foreign Film.  The story centers on the romantic triangle of the insane Danish King Christian VII; the royal physician, Struensee, who is a man of enlightenment and idealism; and the young but strong Queen Caroline Mathilda that leads to a revolution which changes the entire nation of Denmark. (FOR ROY)

Searching for Sugarman – Academy Award winning documentary about Sixto Rodriguez, a Detroit folksinger who had a short-lived recording career in the 1970s. Unknown to him, his musical story continued in South Africa where he became a pop music icon. Long rumored there to be dead, two fans, record store owner, Stephen Segerman, and journalist, Craig Bartholomew-Strydom, decided to seek out the truth of his fate. (ML420 .R637 S43)

The Sessions – Paralyzed and confined to an iron lung since childhood, poet-journalist Mark O’Brien has overcome adversity time and time again. But now, at age 38, he faces his toughest challenge yet: losing his virginity. Helen Hunt was nominated for best actress in her role as the therapist.   (DRA SES)

Skyfall – The latest James Bond film, which was nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Original Song.  (ACT SKY)

War Witch – French language film which is a brutal yet poetic snapshot of life as one of Africa’s child soldiers, following a young girl who is kidnapped from her village by a group of rebel fighters.   (FOR WAR)

Wreck it Ralph – Ralph, who plays the bad guy in his popular video game, wants to prove that he is a true hero in this animated action film.   (CHI WRE)

Zero Dark Thirty – Chronicles the decade-long search for Osama bin Laden following the September 2001 attacks, and his death at the hands of Navy SEAL Team 6.  (DRA ZER)

We will also be adding to the collection when they are available:  Django Unchained, Silver Linings Playbook, The Impossible, Amour (best foreign language film), No (foreign language film from Chile) and the Israeli documentary, The Gatekeepers.

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