The Latest From the Library…

by Kevin Strunk, West Campus Reference Librarian

West Campus Library: Room to Concentrate

LibraryStudent surveys taken in 2007 and 2012 revealed that the majority of students (54.7% in 2012) wanted library planners to make silent study areas a top priority. In fact, when presented with the statement “The library is a place where I can find quiet space” 138 of 166 respondents marked it as “very important.”

Balancing the needs of students who desire quiet places to study and those who want space to collaborate has long been a challenge at the West Campus Library. South Hall Lab 162 is already a designated silent area, serving the needs of computer users who prefer less background noise with their computer-aided activities. To provide a similar location for users who wish to use their own devices, or do not plan on using a computer, West Campus Library is introducing the Quiet Study room, a renovated workroom and storage area that can comfortably accommodate ten students.

BonesLocated in South Hall 164, just beyond the circulation desk, the silent study space has accessible outlets for laptops and other devices. Students can also take advantage of three-dimensional educational models, including those representing molecules and human bones.

With final exams approaching, the librarians are providing another bright, quiet place where students can focus their full attention on their projects.

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