The Latest From the Library…

by Mary Lou Neighbor, AV Librarian/Assistant Professor

New Audiovisual Library Student Prize!

We have a wonderful, new, yearly student prize to offer students who use the Libraries for research.  It is The Rhoda Sandler Memorial Audiovisual Library Prize, given in memory of Rhoda Sandler, the College’s first Audiovisual Librarian.  Mrs. Sandler, who passed away in November, was a strong supporter of the liberal arts, visual arts, audiovisual resources, and the Library in helping faculty teach their courses and students achieve their educations.  The Prize was established to honor Mrs. Sandler’s service to the College and to promote an audiovisual approach to teaching and the circulation of audiovisual resources to faculty and students.

The Prize also encourages the use of the College’s Audiovisual, West, and Brendlinger Libraries’ resources to enhance the student’s library research techniques.  Because audiovisual resources are the focus of the research papers in the identified English and Communication courses, the Prize will honor the best research paper or project by a student in these courses.  The winning research paper will be available in the Library for all to study and read.

The yearly Prize awards $500 to the winning student.  Entries are put forward by faculty teaching the film courses and are judged by a committee of librarians on the content and depth in the use of Library collections and resources.  The winning student will be recognized at an award ceremony and reception to be held in the Audiovisual Library during the January after the previous Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters during which papers are submitted.  The first award will be given in January 2014.  There will be a memorial plaque in the Audiovisual Library honoring Mrs. Sandler and the current winner of the award.  The winning student also will be invited to attend the Salute to Excellence dinner given in May by the Foundation, to which the donor will also be invited.


1. The student will have been enrolled in one of these courses and completed the final paper:

    • COM 210 History of Film
    • COM 211 History of Film II
    • COM 230 The Movies:  Meanings & Methods
    • ENG 238 Literary Vision of Film

2. The faculty will identify the best three papers in each section.  (It doesn’t have to be three, but no more than three.)

3. The faculty will first consult with the student about putting the paper forward.  At that time, the faculty will give the student a link to a brief questionnaire about the research process which must be completed by the student to be considered for the award.  The student will forward a digital copy of the paper or project to the current Audiovisual Librarian for consideration.

4. The paper must include a bibliography and at least four academically reliable and diverse secondary sources.  All sources are to be strongly appropriate for the topic/thesis of the paper.  The diversity of sources is to be appropriate for the topic.

The submission of papers begins this semester.  Thanks to the generosity of the Sandler family, we, in the Library, are so pleased to be able to offer this Prize to students.

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