Health & Wellness Corner: Employee Lunch & Learn Sessions

by Grace Spena, Director of Health & Wellness Initiatives

During fall 2012, several Employee Lunch & Learn sessions were hosted by Health & Wellness in collaboration with several local healthcare providers.

A very interesting and informative three-part health series focusing on the topics of Eat Well,Think Well, and Move Well was presented by Dr. Eric Pirrone from Bucks County Wellness Centre. Participants also learned about the Center’s 8 Weeks to Wellness – a comprehensive wellness program aimed at optimizing what you think about, how you eat and supplment, and how you exercise and care for your body through a specific 8-week program. The program focuses on health not sickness and encompasses many of the fundamental wellness therapies including: total health & fitness assessment, complete blood workup, body composition analysis, wellness education, weekly body massage, personalized diet program, wellness education, personal training sessions and meditation instruction. For more information call 214-345-1445 or go to website at

How to Stay Young the First 100 Years was presented by Dr. Mark Legnola from Community Chiropractic Center lcoated in Blue Bell. Participants learned about common health problems and possible solutions, how each individual can take better responsibility for their own health, preventive measures to improve overall health and how to stay on the right path of overall good health and body function.  To learn more visit

In addition, Beat Cancer.Org sponsored presentations by Susan Silberstein, Founder and Director for the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education and author of the books Hungry for Health and Hungrier for Health.  Mrs. Silberstein discussed how to Fight Cancer with Your Fork. She noted several studies focusing on what science says about diet and cancer survival.  People who eat the most fruits and vegetables have 50% lower cancer rates.  Research is showing that most cancers are in part related to the standard American diet. In other words, change you diet, change your cancer risk. For more information email or go to

According to Grace Spena, Director of Health & Wellness Initiatives, over 70 employees, representing both campuses and all areas of the College, took advantage of attending the free sessions. More lunch and learn sessions are being planned for Spring 2013. Employees are encouraged to periodically check the Faculty/Staff Portal for future announcements.

For more information, contact Grace Spena at

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