Meet the NEW Mustangs Mascot!

by Amanda Rogers, Sports Information Director

A new member of Montgomery County Community College was introduced Tuesday at one of the most successful pep rallies in the College’s history. Over 250 students, faculty and staff members welcomed a seven-foot tall Mustang mascot with cheers, hugs and high-fives.

The Department of Athletics debuted a music video that featured the mascot as the star, portraying him as a new student-athlete finding his place at the College. Afterwards, the mascot posed for pictures and socialized with the attendees.

Watch the music video!

Later in the day the mascot attended the men’s and women’s basketball games, both of which notched record turn-out. The mascot danced, cheered and played with the crowd while the Mustangs battled it out on the court against the Spartans of Northampton Community College.

In total, over 500 people participated in the day’s festivities, showing support for athletics and giving the new mascot his proper welcome. West Campus students, faculty and staff will have an opportunity to meet the mascot on Wednesday, Feb. 6 in the South Hall Community Room from noon-2 p.m.

The College acquired the mascot through a Foundation Office grant and will be using it to boost community involvement, student engagement and school spirit.

“The mascot will be used for the college’s open houses, new student orientations, community day, admissions recruiting visits and similar events,” commented Mustangs Athletic Director Bruce Bach. “He will also be rooting us on at sporting events, of course.”

The mascot does not have a name yet, but the Athletics Department is currently collecting name suggestions and is developing a procedure for choosing the name before the end of the semester.

For now, even without a name, the mascot has found his home at the College and will be available for bookings immediately. For more information on how to schedule a mascot appearance, please contact Bruce Bach at

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Pep rally photos by Matt Carlin (‘o4); Game photos by Christine Reckner (‘o9)

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