Employees Certified in CPR

by Grace Spena, Director of Health & Wellness Initiatives

During the fall semester, the College, once again, made available certification classes in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) for employees at both campuses at no cost.

According to Grace Spena, Director of Health & Wellness Initiatives, 17 employees, representing all areas of the College, took advantage of this on campus opportunity to learn skills that could prove to be life-saving when least expected. This employee training program, initiated in spring 2009, has certified over 85 employees to date.

The classes were taught by Joseph Ritvalsky, ESW faculty member and an American Heart Association CPR Instructor.  The certification is valid for two years.

Those most recently certified include Adam Meacham, Ann Minnick, Annika Hegamin, Austin Hall, Ayisha Sereni, Charles Scandone, Eddi Jo Almo, Joyce Belitz, Karen Stout, Michelle Donovan, Misti Volpe, Nicole Weising, Regina Kline, Samuel Coleman IV, Steady Moono, Thomas Moyer, and Wanda Brown.

Spena noted that classes will be offered again during the Spring semester. Those employees who are not currently certified and interested in learning these skills, as well as those employees who need to be recertified, should look for future announcements on the College Faculty/Staff Portal.

For more information, contact Grace Spena at gspena@mc3.edu.

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