Dodgeball Tournament Benefits New ESW Scholarship

by Robert Gardner

Students enrolled in the Exercise Science and Wellness program at Montgomery County Community College hosted their DodgeBall Tournament during downtime (12:30-1:30 p.m.) on Monday, Dec. 3,  in the Physical Education Center at Central Campus.

Each semester, ESW 102 plans a service project to raise funds for a charity chosen by the students. By allowing the them to choose the recipient, Assistant Professor and ESW Program Coordinator Dr. Anne Livezey feels the students feel more connected to the purpose.

“We give them options,” she said. “But they make the final decision.”

This semester, the students agreed with a suggestion made by Livezey and ESW Adjunct Lecturer Amanda Woolridge.

“Last spring,” Livezey said, “the [ESW] students asked the money raised go to them.”

Therefore, rather than raise money for an external charity, the DodgeBall tournament will benefit a new ESW Student Scholarship.

“Over the summer, with the help of the Foundation, we created the ESW scholarship fund,” Dr. Livezey said. “We hope to award an ESW student(s) with money next fall.”

ESW major Alexis Aaron, of Upper Perkiomen, actually had some experience with a dodgeball fundraiser in high school; she chose not to play in this semester’s. Instead, she refereed some games.

“I did not accept bribes [from any of the teams],” she joked.

Aaron also composed an email which was sent to the entire school announcing the fundraiser and inviting students and teams to participate. Beyond Montgomery County Community College, Aaron plans to study Kinesiology at Temple University.

Kyle McHale will graduate from the College this semester. However, he wanted to contribute to the ESW students who follow him. McHale, of Willow Grove, said the decision to fund the scholarship was “hardly debated.”

“The professors came up with the idea,” he said. “And all of the students were on board.”

McHale, who sold t-shirts at the event, hopes to open a CrossFit gym after graduation.

According to Dr. Livezey, “This was the first year we sold t-shirts for the event. We have extra t-shirts for anyone who wants to purchase one. They are $10. Again, this was student led and a new learning component to the project.”

David Rosenberg is not an ESW major. He simply wanted to contribute.

“Technically, I don’t qualify for [the scholarship], but I was impressed at the turnout, the organizational skills of the students,” Rosenberg said.

He also refereed and joined the rules committee, which used an official dodgeball rulebook around which they based the tournament.

Rosenberg also brouht baked goods—donated from his employer in Elkins Park, The Rolings Bakery—which were sold at the event to further raise money.

Women’s Volleyball coach Misti Volpe entered a team of eight girls. The girls, wearing bright, neon uniforms, could not be missed. All but two members of her successful squad played.

“They looked good out there,” Volpe said proud twinkle in her eyes. “They had a lot of fun and were very competitive.”

Donations from local restaurants, grocery stores, AMC theaters, and the College Bookstore were raffled off. The “big sponsor” was Wawa; the winning team  each took home gift cards for the chain.

“The idea of the tournament is a hands-on learning opportunity for the students,” Livezey added. “It was a success and the students loved being involved.”

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photos by Matt Carlin

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