The Latest From the Library…

by Mary Lou Neighbor, AV Librarian/Assistant Professor

From the Library: Student Workshops

The Brendlinger Library is offering wonderful workshops for students this semester in our new Library classroom!  They cover skills necessary for students to accomplish their assignments, papers and projects.  The workshop sessions are on Wednesdays at down time – from 12:30 – 1:00 p.m.  The classroom is on the main floor of the Library (the second floor of College Hall), near the main desk.

So far, sessions have been offered on:

Google vs. MC3 Databases – Students got a closer look at the key differences in information sources and how they are used to support assignments and research projects.

Academic Search Premier – Students learned how to navigate this great database to successfully find useful articles for assignments.

Oct. 3 – Caution!  Plagiarism Stings – Students got the facts on academic integrity.

Coming up are four more workshops that will be of value to your students:

Oct. 10 – The What & Why of Citations  – Students explore the purpose and usefulness of citations.

Oct. 17 – Help is on the Way for MLA – Tips and tools for students on the MLA format.

Oct. 24 – APA?  Tools & Tips to Make Your Day– Tips and tools for students on the APA format.

Oct. 31 – Advanced Research Tips – Students can earn their “black belt” in research.

Please direct your students to these Library workshops which will be so very helpful to them in doing research, completing projects and assignments, and writing papers!  If you or your students have any questions, please call us at 215-641-6594 or email us at

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