Public Safety Segway Patrol Introduced at West Campus

by Alana J. Mauger

On Aug. 30, Montgomery County Community College introduced the latest addition to its sustainable transportation efforts by launching a Public Safety Segway Patrol program at its West Campus in Pottstown.

Watch the video!

The zero-emissions Segway allows officers to negotiate tight spaces associated with an urban campus and enables them to travel more quickly than on foot. It also significantly reduces reliance on the public safety vehicle, saving an estimated ton of CO2 per year from being released into the atmosphere while increasing visibility of officers on campus.

The Segway program is part of the College-wide Sustainability Initiative, which includes reducing emissions from commuter traffic and vehicle use on campus.

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Photos by Sandi Yanisko

2 thoughts on “Public Safety Segway Patrol Introduced at West Campus

  1. Zero emissions and saving a ton of CO2 a year are both misleading statements. The energy to power the Segway has to come from somewhere, most likely from burning fossil fuels to generate the electricity that powers it. Unless, of course, the Segway is solar powered or derives its electricity from wind turbine sources.

    • Carol — You are correct in that the Segway does require electricity to be charged. And, the electricity used IS included in the calculation of the ton of CO2 per year saved. That number is derived from the fact that, when charging, a Segway causes 14 times less greenhouse has emissions than driving a car.

      Furthermore, the Segway, when in use, has zero emissions, which is important to note because it can be used inside of buildings and other closed spaces — important for this particular campus. Thanks for your comment!

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