This Summer, Stay Connected Through Social Media

If you’ll be off campus over the summer, there’s still plenty of ways to stay engaged with what’s going on at Montgomery County Community College.

On Twitter, you can following the College’s main account for tweets about news, photos, events, and more: can also follow College President Dr. Karen Stout for tweets about higher education and other topical news and commentary.

In addition to the College’s main Facebook page,, be sure to check out the Alumni Association page:; the Mustangs Athletics page:; the Libraries page:; and the College’s Career Services page: Also, stay turned for the new Arts and Culture Facebook page that will be introduced in time for the fall semester!

On You-Tube, you can check out the College’s main video channel:, or our Humanities channel:

The College is also on Google+ and on Pinterest:, and the Alumni Association has a group on Linked In:

Finally, we will continue to update our blogs with news and info throughout the summer. In addition to our bigNews blog,, check out Think Green:; Think Success:; SSRT:; and Montco Radio: And, check out the College’s newly digitized Betzwood Film Archive:

Have a GREAT summer!

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