Explore Science & Tech Careers at STEM Jam!

Montgomery County Community College’s STEM Learning Community will host STEM Jam!—an open house featuring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics degree programs, career opportunities, and student work—on Wednesday, April 11, from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. in the Advanced Technology Center at the Central Campus, Blue Bell.

This free, informative event is open to the public and includes STEM program and career presentations, student project displays and demonstrations, STEM speakers from industry and academia, micro-helicopter and robotics competitive obstacle courses, and demonstrations and static models of STEM student and faculty work.

The STEM Scholars Program provides scholarships, including tuition, books and fees, to academically talented, financially eligible students studying one of the STEM disciplines, including computer science, biotechnology, engineering, electronic game and simulation design, physical and life sciences, mathematics, geology and others. Visit www.mc3.edu/STEM for the full list of qualifying majors.

For more information about STEM Jam! or STEM programs at the College, contact William Brownlowe at wbrownlowe@mc3.edu.

A student navigates the micro-helicopter obstacle course during last year's STEM Jam! Photo by Matt Carlin

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