It’s Not Too Late to Share Your Opinions with Creative MontCo

by Alana J. Mauger

There’s still time for Montgomery County residents to complete Creative Montco’s survey about arts and culture in their communities.

Creative MontCo is a civic initiative that strives to shape the cultural and economic future of Montgomery County.

Through a series of 24 questions, residents are encouraged to share their favorite cultural activities, experiences or places in Montgomery County, as well as their opinions about the future direction of the arts in their local communities.

The survey can be accessed online at

Launched in early February, the survey has, thus far, yielded noteworthy results about the 380 non-profit cultural organizations in Montgomery County.

“Almost half of the County’s cultural organizations are small, but 48 percent have budgets greater than $25,000 – significantly higher than the national percentage of 31 percent,” said Dr. Karen A. Stout, president of Montgomery County Community College and chair of Creative MontCo. “Many are less than 10 years old, making the work of Creative MontCo vital for creating an atmosphere where they can mature and flourish.”

Early results also revealed that many of the County’s non-profits work in the discipline areas of history, performing and community arts, and arts education.

“We need input from a broad range of stakeholders who live or work in Montgomery County, as the survey results will lay the foundation for our future strategy and planning efforts,” said Dr. Stout.

Survey answers are anonymous, and results will be reported in the aggregate.

Creative MontCo is supported in part by a major grant from the William Penn Foundation, as well as by strong local grant support from the Montgomery Foundation. Based on the belief that culture and creativity are among a community’s most powerful assets, the initiative will generate even greater community benefit from these resources, through the groundwork and implementation of a comprehensive plan.

For more information about Creative MontCo and to learn how to get involved, visit

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