Students Raise $2,826 During 30-Hour Famine

by Robert Gardner, Liberal Studies

For 30 hours in early March, a group of Montgomery County Community College students went without food or drink.  Members of ACE, Central Campus’ community service club, and Thrive, the Christian club, as well as students from other clubs, took part in the 30-Hour Famine.  Staring Friday, March 2 at 1 p.m. and lasting until 7 p.m. Saturday, March 3, the students fasted in order to experience what true hunger is like.

ACE president Aly Murray came up with the idea for the College’s 30 HR, but acknowledges she received a lot of help from Kayla Sheely, the president of Thrive.  The pair shared planning duties for the event, the first to be held at the College.

Sponsored by World Vision, the College’s 30 HR raised $2,826.31 to help combat hunger and poverty in the Horn of Africa.  According to the website, every $30 raised can help feed a hungry child for a month.

Murray asked that credit be given to the two students who raised the most money.  They were: Abu Chowdhury – $876.00 and Kayla Sheely – $530.92.

Murray herself raised $379.80, the third-most.

In addition to personal donations from family and friends, the students created a paper-link chain, with 925 links.  Each link represented one million people worldwide who go to bed hungry each night.  A table was set up in the Parkhouse Hall atrium and links were sold for $1 apiece.  Thanks to the kindness of the College community, over $1,000 was raised from the chain; some donated more than $1, while others elected not to take a link.

Participants spent the night of Friday, March 2 at Central Campus.  Saturday morning, the students split into two groups: one went to a nursing home to visit with residents, while the other helped sort clothing donations at a pregnancy resource center.

The students made t-shirts, a thank-you banner to hang in Parkhouse Hall, and a permanent poster for the student leadership office.  Participants broke their fast at 7:00 p.m.Saturday, March 3.

“I don’t know if food ever tasted so good before,” said Sheely.

Thanks to the efforts of these selfless students, nearly 100 children will eat for a month.

ACE President Aly Murray sells paper links in Parkhouse Hall leading up to the 30-Hour Famine. Photo by Alana J. Mauger

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