Editor Amanda Dioszeghy Brings Global Mindset to ‘The Montgazette’

by Tamara A. Measler

Amanda Dioszeghy took over as editor of 'The Montgazette' in January. Photo by Matt Carlin

Amanda Dioszeghy, in her second semester at Montgomery County Community College, has a global mindset. She thinks internationally, from her major, International Studies, to her goal of getting paid to travel the world to study what brings happiness to different cultures.

For now, though, she brings her international mindset to a local role as the new editor of The Montgazette, the student newspaper of Montgomery County Community College.

Amanda’s family moved to Phoenixville from Richmond, Virginia immediately after her graduation from John Randolph Tucker High School in 2011. She reluctantly enrolled at the College after failing to get accepted at the one college she applied to. Applying to only one college “was the stupidest mistake of my life,” she said, but one that worked out for the best.

“I didn’t want to go to community college, but when I started coming to Montco I absolutely fell in love with [it]. It was everything I wanted in a university put into a community college,” she said.

Amanda served as a writer and photographer for her high school newspaper, The Gavel.

“It was me and one other person, a lot of stress, a lot of layout. We met for two weeks and crammed together a newspaper,” she said.

Although Amanda didn’t work on The Montgazette last semester, she attended staff meetings. She became the new editor through conversations with the former editor, Jocelyn Moye, who transferred to Bryn Mawr College this spring.

“Jocelyn and I [talked] about who would become the new editor in chief, and who could do it, and I eventually took on the position,” Amanda said.

A self-described workaholic, the trait should be useful in Amanda’s editorial role. Although the paper is issued monthly, “my position with the paper is definitely a daily thing,” she explained.

“It’s always checking emails, trying to get people to write for the paper. Our biggest struggle is trying to find people to fill 16 pages every month.”

The printed version of The Montgazette comes out the first week of every month, September-June, and is also available online at montgazette.wordpress.com.

When asked about her vision for the paper, Amanda revealed her “hope that we can put out a paper that’s really compelling but really honest.” She plans to focus on the many students clubs.

“I feel like not a lot of people understand all the work that goes into the clubs,” she said. “I think it’s important [to] get the news [about club activities] out early. It gets people more interested… and gives them more opportunity to be involved with their college.”

In addition to classes and her role on the paper, Amanda also serves as the Vice President of the Honors Club. The club focuses on community service projects, such as a book drive last semester for a New York school looking to build a library.

Amanda expects to graduate in 2013 with an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Studies and a Certificate in International Studies. She plans to transfer to Northeastern University in Boston to complete a dual major bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Anthropology. From there, she hopes to begin traveling the world, achieving the full realization of her international studies.

As for Amanda’s plans to study happiness in foreign cultures, the definition of happiness remains “something I’m hoping to discover. It’s a whole journey that I’m looking [forward] to,” she said.

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