The Latest from the Library…

by Mary Lou Neighbor, AV Librarian/Assistant Professor

Library Central Staircase

The Brendlinger Library has undergone a number of changes over the break, and we want to let you know about them early in the semester.  The locations of absolutely everything have changed!

All Library services, except for the Audiovisual (AV) Library, are now on the third floor of College Hall.  That means reference, circulation, all of the books, the periodicals, and the reserves are on the third level.  In addition, there are study tables and study rooms for students as well as laptop computers that students may check out.  The AV Library, which has a viewing area, is now on the 2nd floor.  And on the 1st floor, there is a large computer lab with two printers and a scanner for students to use.

Circulation & Reference Desk

The easiest way to get around in the Library is to use the central stairs.  Currently, we are limited by construction.  The access to the AV Library from the second floor College Hall lobby is blocked.  You can reach the AV Library by going to the first floor steps, by the cafeteria (and near the Tutoring Center and computer area) and climbing to the second level for AV.  Then you can continue up the stairs, which are within the Library, to go up to the third floor for the print collections, circulation, and reference.

If you need elevator access to the third floor, you can use the elevator in the back of College Hall by the faculty-staff dining room.  That will take you to the third floor, but not the second, which is under construction.  If you need elevator access to the AV Library, you will have to call Public Safety (215-641-6604), who can take you to the second floor in the central elevator in College Hall. A Public Safety officer will take you up in the elevator and walk you across the construction area on the second floor to get to AV.

First Floor Computer Lab

These are the changes that have happened over break.  Please come to College Hall to find your way around the Library this semester.  It is complicated now, but all will be made much simpler when the construction is finished mid-May.  Then, we will be a show place of a Library as we spread out into the new construction area!

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