ESW Basketball Tournament Raises Funds for Alex’s Lemonade Stand

by Robert Gardner, Liberal Studies

Students from Montgomery County Community College’s ESW 102—Introduction to Exercise Science, Wellness and Sports Studies—held a 4-on-4 basketball tournament to raise money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer.  The culmination of a semester-long Service Learning Project (SLP), the tournament took place in a packed gymnasium on Central Campus on Dec. 6.

At approximately 6:30 p.m., Team Kush was declared champs by referee and announcer Brendan Dougherty.  Kush survived the 13-team tournament that raised over $710 in team entry fees, concessions, and 50/50 raffle tickets.  Additional donations were also made on the Alex’s Lemonade website.

The tournament was organized and implemented by students of Assistant Professor Dr. Anne Livezey and Lecturer Amanda Woolridge’s ESW 102 day sections at the Central Campus.  Fall 2011 is the third semester of SLP for ESW 102; to date, this tournament was the best in funds raised and number of participants.

According to Dr. Livezey, the two Central Campus sections were fully involved in the project, as well as individual students from online, evening, and West Campus sections.

Woolridge said the classes voted on Alex’s Lemonade Stand as their charity and did a “great job organizing and preparing for it.”  They spent about a month planning the tournament.

“We received a great deal of support from the Alex’s Lemonade Stand organization,” added Dr. Livezey.

“Alex’s Lemonade was a great choice because if one of my children were to get sick, I would appreciate it if somebody stepped up and did this for them,” said full-times Liberal Studies major John Smith, who has a one year-old daughter and a son on the way.

Service Learning Projects are important for introductory students because they learn how to organize and run tournaments, including marketing aspects.

“My role in this project was to help organize the concessions,” said Smith.  “Our group determined what food would be sold, where to purchase the food, and how much we would charge.”

Exercise Science majors Danielle Dimezza and Becca Mariorana sold 50/50 raffle tickets during the event.  They also participated in the concessions group, put together a bake sale, and posted flyers around campus.

“I learned that giving to a charity is such a good thing,” Dimezza stated.  “Why not take action and be a part of something good?”  Danielle also donates to other charities, runs in 5K races, and regularly gives clothes to Purple Heart Foundation.

“Hopefully our donations will help find a cure for childhood cancer,” Smith anticipated.  “But I know that it will make a lot of sick children know that there are people willing to fight for them.”

“It is our hope that students will be inspired to complete other service learning projects,” Dr. Livezey declared.  “They can see their efforts and time really pay off.”

Donations to Alex’s Lemonade Stand can still be made through the Tournament website at

Check out event photos below!

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photos by Matt Carlin

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