NOOK Reading Devices Now For Sale at Central Campus Bookstore

Barnes & Noble College is pleased to announce that its award-winning NOOK reading devices — NOOK Color Reader’s Tablet, NOOK Simple Touch Reader, and the all-new NOOK Tablet — are now available at the Central Campus.

Barnes & Noble’s innovative NOOK products are highly acclaimed by leading technology reviewers as offering a best-in-class reading experience and great value. This exciting development will help position your bookstore as a center of digital reading on campus and demonstrates Barnes & Noble’s continuing commitment to providing outstanding products and services.

As part of this program, special high-profile NOOK table displays are installed in the stores to help customers discover first-hand the highly acclaimed products’ rich and engaging reading experience.  In addition, all Montgomery County Community College faculty and staff (Central or West) are eligible to use their 10% discount on these exciting new devices!

Happy Holidays from the Campus Bookstores!

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