Employee Health & Wellness Program Results

by Grace Spena
Director of Health & Wellness Initiatives

The totals are in!

Thirty-two tracking records were submitted by employees for the 2010-11 Employee Health & Wellness Program (EH&WP).  These employees earned a total of 1,084 points for their participation in a variety of health, fitness and wellness activities both on and off campus. In addition, several employees submitted Walking Tracking Records for a total of 1,997,116 steps — yes, that’s close to two million steps!

Many employees doing great things, from a health & wellness perspective, all in an effort to live healthier lifestyles, manage everyday stress, enhance energy, or just simply to feel better.  Since the inception of the Employee Health & Wellness Program in late Fall 2009, the 2010-11 program saw more than double the submissions by employees.

As rewards for their efforts, employees have received a variety of prizes, including Mustangs water bottles, bags, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pennants and Barnes & Noble gift cards in the amounts of $ 10, $ 20 and $ 30. In addition, employees received a Certificate of Recognition.

2010-11 participants included:  Deusdedith Damasceno, Jana Nogowski, Stephen Grieco, David Ruud, Mandy Maphosa, Sharon Mann, John Stetler, Alecia Fields, Freida Dagher, Aaron Krassner, Denise Nuccio, Brett Schorle, Greg Heimer, John Hasyn, Victoria Bastecki-Perez, Diana McGuire, Kelly Gatto, and Khang (Debbie) Ngov-Tang

Information will soon be available about the 2011-12 Employee Health & Wellness Program and will be located on the Faculty/Staff Portal under Human Resources.  An announcement will be sent out when the information has been posted. The folder will contain general description of the program, how to earn reward points and prize(s) for the various level of points you achieved.  You can submit tracking record as you reach a level or wait until you accumulate a larger number of points. Points are cumulative, so you don’t have to start from the beginning each time during a particular academic year.

Points can be earned for health activities, such as getting a flu shot, taking a CPR certification or first aid class, participating in yoga, tai chi and/or stress management program.  Don’t forget, getting a massage counts too.

In addition, new for the 2011-12 program, employees will be able to earn points for being non-smokers, as well as points if one is or becomes a former smoker for at least nine months.  Plus, being proactive and participating in recommended age specific examinations (e.g. mammograms, colonoscopy, prostate screening, physicals, immunizations, etc.) can also earn an employee points.

Just as reminder, going to sports events, like a Mustangs game, where you are getting up, moving around and cheering for your team can be submitted too. Attending sports games can do wonders in getting your mind off of the stress of the day.

No matter how many points or steps you do, the important thing is that you are doing some form of wellness or fitness activity on a regular basis to improve your stamina and overall well-being.

If you would like more information or assistance in getting started, please contact Grace Spena at gspena@mc3.edu.

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