Take Action to Preserve Federal Pell Grant Funding

As legislators in Washington discuss ways to trim spending and reduce our country’s current budget deficit, the federal Pell Grant program is once again at risk.

Pell grants provide access for millions of students to enroll in college each year. Despite the increased demand for Pell grants, Congress is currently considering cutting the funding for the Pell Grant program for fiscal year 2012 and restructuring the entire program in an effort to reduce the federal deficit.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, the total number of Pell Grant recipients for 2009-10 was 8,094,024 students. From 2008-09 to 2009-10, two-year institutions saw a 36.8% increase in the number of Pell recipients compared to a 31.5% increase in total Pell recipients during that time.

Correspondingly, the number of Pell recipients at Montgomery County Community College is growing an unprecedented rate of 122% since 2005, including a 20% increase in the last year alone.

All totaled, more than 4,300 Montgomery County Community College students received $14.8 million in Pell grants for 2010-11. Of these students, nearly 2,500 of them received full Pell grants. And, the average family income for our students receiving full Pell Grants is $13,532.

Please show your support to Montgomery County Community College students — and to students across the country — by signing our “Save the Pell Grant” Petition.

We also encourage you to contact your legislators directly to let them why the Pell Grant program is important to you. Click here to find your Congressional representatives.

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