Jocelyn Moye Takes on Editor Position of ‘The Montgazette’

by Paul Goraczko

2011-2012 Editor Jocelyn Moye. Photo by Diane VanDyke

Jocelyn Moye has many talents. She enjoys drawing, painting, playing guitar, photography, and writing.

“I have way too many hobbies. I go through phases where I learn to do something, and I learn how to do it pretty well, and then I move on to something else,” she said.

Writing has always held a special place in Jocelyn’s heart, however. Jocelyn has been an avid journal-keeper since she was in first grade. Since then, she has filled about a dozen journals.

Jocelyn says that journaling has allowed her to capture memories and collect information.

“As a kid, I remember things that most people didn’t remember,” she said.

This fall, Jocelyn will put her journaling skills to use as the newest editor for Montgomery County Community College’s student newspaper, The Montgazette.

As the future editor, Jocelyn says that she plans to make some changes to The Montgazette.

“I’d like to see more lifestyle content for students to relate to,” she said. “I’d also like to see more stories about students and clubs.”

Jocelyn is very involved on campus. She is a member of the Honors Club, The Montgazette, and the Thrive club.

Her many talents made it difficult for her to choose a major when she initially enrolled at Montgomery County Community College in 2009, but when Professor Don Yost told her that English majors are strange people, she says she knew she was one of them.

“I think that English affects all of my interests,” she said. “When I’m older, I would like to be a writer across the board. I love writing profiles, but I also love fiction.”

Jocelyn’s writing talents recently earned her first and second place in the personality profile category of the 2011 Student Keystone Press Awards Contest, a statewide journalism contest sponsored by the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association Foundation.

Although she is aware that the position of editor is a lot of work, she seems undaunted by the task at hand.

“I’m a high achiever and I’m driven. I’ve also been told that I possess leadership qualities. Hopefully this experience will help me to bring those qualities out,” she said.

Jocelyn will graduate from the College in the fall with an associates degree in Liberal Studies. She plans to transfer to Bryn Mawr College as an English major.

Although she is unsure of her future goals, she has some big dreams she’d like to pursue.

“I’d like to be a music journalist, because then I can meet the people who inspire me. I’d really have a reason to sit down and talk with them,” she said.

Until that day comes, students from Montgomery County Community College can read Jocelyn’s stories in The Montgazette — stories that she hopes will be a reflection of campus life from a student perspective.


Paul Goraczko graduated from the College in May with an associate’s degree in Liberal Studies.

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