2010-2011 Retirees Honored at Reception

Seven retirees — including two members of the College’s Board of Trustees — were honored on April 28 for their collective 178 years of service to Montgomery County Community College. The 2010-2011 retirees include:

Anthony DiSandro, Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, 2000-2010

Paul S. (Mike) Bitner, Chairman, Board of Trustees, 1991-1993, 1997-2010

Russell Loverdi, Counselor, Assistant Professor, 1975-2010

Catherine Drummond, Academic Program Support Secretary, 1974-2010

Phyllis Dickert, Dental Hygiene Professor, 1973-2011

Ronald Farrington, Accounting Professor, 1972-2010

Martin Gelman, Psychology Professor, 1967-2011

from left: Board of Trustees Chairman Michael D'Aniello, College President Dr. Karen Stout, Accounting Professor Ronald Farrington, Counselor and Assistant Professor Russell Loverdi, former Board of Trustees Vice Chairman Anthony DiSandro, former Board of Trustees Chairman Paul S. (Mike) Bitner, and Psychology Professor Martin Gelman. Photo by John Welsh

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