Submissions Sought for ‘Favorite Poem’ Community Reading Project

Submissions are being sought for the College’s third annual “Favorite Poem” Community Reading project. The project involves two parts: an ongoing collaboration of poetry and reflection on a group-authored website and a lively poetry reading at the College’s Central Campus. The theme of this year’s project is “Biography: Lives in Verse,” and the reading will take place on April 12 at 12:45 p.m. in the Advanced Technology Center.

Instructions to participate are as follows:

1. There are two ways for students, faculty, staff and members of the community to participate.

  • Reflect on a famous poem concerning a person who is not the poem’s author (although the speaker of the poem may use “I”).  For example, you may choose to submit “O Captain, My Captain,” Whitman’s famous poem about Lincoln.  Choose any favorite poem that evokes a vision or description of another person.  Be sure the poem itself is by a well-known author.  The person described in the poem, however, need not be well-known.
  • Write your own poem about another person (again, not about yourself). Choose a poem that you have written to characterize, extol, excoriate, or otherwise describe a particular person.  For example, you may choose to submit a poem you wrote about one of your childhood friends. If your poem exceeds two single-spaced pages, provide a shorter excerpt for this event.

2. Write a paragraph explaining why the poem is meaningful for you or about why you chose to submit that poem to our event.

3. Try to find a picture or multimedia clip to accompany your entry.   The picture may represent the person in the poem in some literal or metaphorical way.  You can include a picture you’ve taken yourself or a picture you’ve collected or found.  If you choose a picture that you do not own, be sure it is available for posting under fair-use rules.  For questions about this, contact

4. Sign your paragraph with your name, your profession, your age (or your decade), and your role here at the College (student, staff member, faculty member and so forth).  Please include an email address or telephone number as well.

5. Email a copy of poem itself, your reflection on the poem, and the picture to by March 31, 2011.  Please call attention to your submission by typing “Favorite Poem Submission” in the subject line of your email note.  If you would prefer to submit a typed hard copy, leave your entry in the mailbox for Dr. Carsley in the Information Center in Parkhouse Hall or leave it in the holder on the door of Room 438 Parkhouse Hall.

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