Employees Earn Mustangs Swag by Participating in Health & Wellness Program

Grace Spena presents a certificate to Employee Health & Wellness Program participant Sharon Mann. Photo by Diane VanDyke

Did you know that shoveling snow can earn you points in the Employee Health & Wellness Program? The College’s employees are encouraged to take advantage of this winter activity  and start recording the time they spend shoveling out this winter.

According to Grace Spena, Director of Health & Wellness Initiatives at the College, since the inception of the Employee Health & Wellness Program in fall 2009, 15 employees have been recognized for their personal efforts to live healthier lifestyles through a variety of fitness, health and wellness activities both on and off campus. As rewards for their efforts, they have received a certificate of recognition plus prizes, such as a Mustangs water bottle, T-shirt, sweatshirt, pennant or a gift card from Barnes & Noble.

Kudos to this year’s participants (so far): Deusdedith Damasceno, Jana Nogowski, Stephen Grieco, David Ruud, Mandy Maphosa and Sharon Mann.

Last year’s participants included John Hasyn, Debbie Ngov-Tang, Freida Dagher, Denise Nuccio, Marie Ryan, Michael Mandrachia, Stephen Grieco, Jean Dixon and Victoria Bastecki-Perez

Information about the Employee Health & Wellness Program is available on the Faculty/Staff Portal under Student Affairs.  The folder has the general description of the program, how to earn reward points and prize(s) for the various level of points achieved.  You can submit tracking record as you reach a level or wait until you accumulate a larger number of points. Points are cumulative, so you don’t have to start from the beginning each time during a particular academic year.

No matter how many points or steps you do, according to Spena, “the important thing is that you are doing some form of exercise on a regular basis to improve your stamina and overall well-being.”

If you would like more information or assistance in getting started, please contact Grace Spena at gspena@mc3.edu or Kelly Donohue at kdonohue@mc3.edu.

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