‘Music Wednesday’ Connects Performers, Students

by Jocelyn Moye

Click on the photo to watch a video of student TB Jones perfom "Travelin' Blues" at a recent Music Wednesday. Photo by Matt Carlin

Music Wednesday has kept Montgomery County Community College lively.

According to Music Instructor Michael Kelly, the weekly lunch-time event, held in the atrium of the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) at the College’s Central Campus, began with one question: “How can we get people to hang out here?”

Kelly and others from the Communications and Music departments have made the ATC lobby a place for students to spend their downtime during the campus-wide activity period.

“It definitely livens things up,” said Matt McClanahan, a Communications student and a member of the Communication Arts Production Group (CAPG). “It’s a good social outlet; something to look forward to.”

Kelly also founded Music Wednesday as a venue for his music students to showcase their work and gain performance experience. Every Wednesday, a number of students gather around the ATC lobby or outdoor patio if the weather permits.

“Students are closer to the arts,” said Aaron Cinque, a Biological Studies major, during a recent Music Wednesday.

Music Wednesday has also exposed the student body to musicians outside of the College’s circuit. The fall 2010 semester featured performances by Jason LeVasseur from Winston-Salem, N.C., and Full Service from Austin, Tex. The latter band played at the College en route to a show in Philadelphia. After seeing the band on campus, several students went to Full Service’s show at the World Café later that week.

Matt Porter, Senior Producer and Technical Services Manager at the College, said that students returned to campus the following week “with t-shirts and stickers” from the Full Service show.

Kelly and Porter oversee Music Wednesday. Musicians submit a CD of their material for review. According to Kelly, “if the material is solid, or even semi-solid,” he and Porter approve the student to perform.

Music Wednesday exposes the College’s students to a great variety of music.

“People bring different genres to the table. It’s a very diverse experience,” said Alexi Windler. The Communications student, who has been a disc jockey at Music Wednesday, finds crowd reaction is important. “It gives me an idea of what people are into,” said Windler who goes by the name DJ Lextronic.

“It’s become what we wanted it to become,” said Kelly of Music Wednesday’s success. It’s “a place for students to perform for other students.”


Jocelyn Moye is a Liberal Studies major at Montgomery County Community College.

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