Denise Nuccio Recognized for Leadership in Financial Aid Assistance

by Diane VanDyke

Denise Nuccio. Photo by Diane VanDyke

Denise Nuccio was recently recognized with the Emerging Leader Award at the Pennsylvania Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (PASFAA) conference for her work and leadership in the financial aid field.

Denise worked in the Financial Aid profession for more than six years, starting as a Financial Aid Coordinator at Gwynedd Mercy College. Since 2007, she is the Financial Aid and Enrollment Generalist at Montgomery County Community College.

Denise is instrumental in helping hundreds of families through the financial aid process by organizing and conducting Community FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Completion Days. These events provide free assistance to families in understanding and applying for financial aid for college. With this assistance, students can get the help they need so they can focus on their educational and career goals.

As part of her service to the profession, she gives presentations at guidance counselor workshops and at the PASFAA Conference. She served on numerous PASFAA committees and participated in a Leader Development Workshop in 2008 and in NBC10’s Phone Bank Telethon in 2009.

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